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Hi, quick question for you, does buying this come with a steam key?

You can email me at with proof of purchase (email you used to buy the game), and I will give you the steam key.

Is there actually a Linux version ? I ask because the Linux icon is on the store page but the demo is only Windows, there is just a Windows version on Steam and the files you get are just a .zip folder. 

Technically the game is a browser game made with Flash. As long as your Linux can play Flash, then the game is playable. As for the demo, I will update it with the browser version, so you can give it a try. Hope it works out for you.


Yay, Area-X!!! This is one of my favourite visual novels ever, I'm so glad it's on now!! I hope lots of people give it a chance \^-^/ ♡

Thank you! I'm planning to post all my games in Itchio, but it will take some time since I'm a bit too busy now. ^^;