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X-note is a blend between Visual Novel and Dating Sim. Follow the story of Essi as she pursues the truth of her mother's death. The game spans 30 days, of which you can train Essi's psychic abilities, explore the school, collect notes, and make choices to determine her fate.


Ten years ago, Essi's mother died in a strange accident. She left a USB flash drive with a locked folder called "X-note". Unable to understand the purpose of it, Essi continued living her life as a normal junior high school student. However, Essi is hardly normal, for she possesses power beyond normal humans.

Essi's quiet life was interrupted by a sudden visit by a young man named Yuon. He asked her to investigate a murder case and a mysterious disappearance in the Xen Institute, a school deeply connected to Essi's mother. Tempted by the possibility of unlocking "X-note" and solving her mother's mysterious death, Essi decided to take his request. However, what awaited her there was a lot more than what she could possibly imagine…


  • Mystery, Romance & Supernatural
  • 3 Pursuable Romances
  • 40+ Original Illustrations & 9 Endings
  • Rated Teen 13+


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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Detective, Female Protagonist, minigames, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Otome, Romance, supernatural


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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The "FEATURES" information for X-Note and Area-X seems to be switched.

X-Note has 3 Pursuable Romances (not 5!), the genre is Mystery, Romance & Supernatural, the number of illustrations is 40 (not 90).

Hello. Does the purchase on itchio come with a steam key?

You can email me for the steam key if you want.


i have a question. do you know how yo make unlocked ending?

I'm a bit confused by the question. Are you asking about how to make the game, or are you asking for a walkthrough?

If it's the former, I used a software called Flash MX. It's not particularly user-friendly. I would recommend you Ren'py instead.

If it's the latter, the walkthrough of the game is available on my site: http://zeiva.net/otome/x_note_guide.html

finished the demo. only 3 romance options? but rexus is so cute! neat art style, i'd be happy to see this on steam.

(1 edit)

Rexus is available only for its sister series, Area-X. And yes, the game is available oin Steam.

P.S: Sorry for the super late reply. I rarely checked Itchio until recently.